Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust

Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust

The Haehaeata Trust is an organisation of mainly volunteers that work to restore, educate and advocate for unique Central Otago dryland plants and the special creatures that depend upon them.

Three Miners is a ‘friend’ of the Haehaeata Trust. The 'Friends' scheme was developed to cover most of the wages for their two part-time staff - Nursery Manager and the Admin/Project Coordinator. This means that the Trust through its nursery can provide eco sourced plants at no cost to community groups embarking on environmental restoration projects in our Central Otago area.

This is a fantastic project to be involved with, we really love what The Haehaeata Trust is achieving in Central Otago with the replanting of plant species that populated the area when the gold miners first arrived in the 1860’s. We will be working with the Haehaeata Trust to replant the banks of the Clutha River adjacent to the vineyard which will replace the introduced grass and weed species, assist with reducing erosion and encourage native fauna.

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Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust



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